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Delete my listing

Login (if not already)
Click the Dashboard link at the top of every page
Click Delete Accou..

Hide my listing

You can set your listing to hidden anytime.
Login to the site.
Click Dashboard on the top of any page.
Click Edit Listing.
On this page is H..

Who can use this website?

This site is targeted at bringing together two groups of people:
1. People seeking homestay accommodation, such as students who are ..

What is the cost to use this website?

For homestay guests the site is and always will be completely free.

For host families they can choose a free or paid listing for £4.95 per..

How can I register?

You can register using the Registration page.
As part of the registration you must activate your account.

Do you inspect the accomodation or screen guests?

We do not inspect accommodation or screen visiting students.
The purpose of this website is to provide a platform for students and homestay ..

Who sets the homestay host fees?

These are set by each homestay host themselves...

Does this website take any commission from the payment?

No. Any arrangement is purely between homestay provider and the student.

We feel it is better to have fewer people in the chain wanting a s..

What are the differences between a paid featured listing and a free listing?

For a monthly fee of £4.95 a featured listing provides ma..

How do I change to a Paid Listing?

Login to the site.
Click the Upgrade button in the banner.
Follow the steps to upgrade...

How do I cancel a Paid Listing?

Login to our site if not logged in already,
Click the Dashboard link at the top of every page.
Cick Billing.
If you paid by PayPal there wil..

I upgraded to a Featured Listing but don't seem to have any of the features

Upgrades are automatic the instant we receive payment. Delays occur if you send an eCheque by PayPal.
PayPal will send an eCheque instead ..

I cannot login

You must have activated your account to login. If not please use the resend link.
If you have forgotten your password please use the passwor..

How do I contact a homestay host?

Login to the site.
Locate the host you are interested in. There will be a contact form in the page...

When should I pay a homestay host?

It is typical to pay on arrival but it is up to agreement between the homestay and the guest.

Please read our Onli..

Can I put my email address on my listing?

You can do this but it is not recommended. Amost certainly it will lead to ongoing spam e-mail.

Free host listings that include an email a..

My listing has been deleted

We periodically remove old guest listings.

Free host listings are removed every 3-4 months.

Free host listings that include email address..

Why you should use the message system

The messaging system on Aberdeen Homestay has been designed to help make communication between members simple, centralised and abov..

How can I see my sent messages?

You must first be logged in.

One way is to go to the Dashboard \ Sent messages:

How do I add, edit or delete photos?

You must first be logged in.
Then adt the top of each page will be a Dashboard link.
In the Dasboard is a Photos link, here you are able to..

How do I add my phone number to my listing?

These instructions apply to homestay hosts only.

You must first follow the steps to ..

How do I know my messages are being delivered?

Messages remain on our website, they cannot be lost.

We send a separate email notification to the person you contacted to advise there is a..

I cannot find my listing

Your listing may not appear for a number of reasons, please follow these few steps to rectify:
Problem: Are you able..

How do I indicate my listing is not available?

You can either hide your listing or set your availability dates accordingly...

How do I verify my phone number?

You must first be logged in.

Click the dashboard link at the top of every page.
Click the profile link